Conference 2019



Bali, Indonesia

Ungasan Bay View Hotel

21st-29th September 2019

(there will be no class on 26 September)

“Keep In Touch” is often something we say to each other when we are saying goodbye, hoping that the relationship we have with the other person can be maintained regardless of the distance that may be between us and the additional priorities in our lives.

Sometimes the contact is kept and our voices can be heard over the miles to let that person know they are important in both our professional and personal lives. This is not always easy and not always necessary. However, we can be reminded of how important it is for a person to be remembered with memories of a shared moment.

We are delighted that we will be covering ‘Touch’ as the theme of the 2019 Play Therapy Asia Conference as it is a socially sensitive area but at the same time the use of appropriate touch is a valuable addition to our skills as play therapists, mental health professionals, educators and parents. It is such an important element in our work with children, yet complex in the application due to ethical and cultural values.  We are very excited to be able to present the world’s foremost speakers on the subject, Dr. Janet Courtney. Dr. Courtney who will be the keynote presenter to talk about the practice-based application of touch.

To be in touch with ourselves is as crucial, to be continuously fulfilled and recharged in our work in helping others. In this conference, we are honored to have  experienced speakers from Play Therapy Internasional and APAC, UK to share their expertise. Karen O’Neill will speak on “Toxic Shame and Internalised Self”.  Dr. Lynne Souter Anderson will speak on the use of clay to give your client an emotional, metaphorical and spiritual experience. And Sudha Kudva will speak on “The Art and Science of Tuning in to Me”.

Our hope is that attending this conference would give you a meaningful experience, recharge your passion and soul as you take time and be with yourself and connect with other professionals in Bali, the beautiful place that everyone deserves.

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